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🌟 Dive Into the World of Sleep with Dr. Emily Ice: A Podcast Episode Not to Miss 🌜

Posted 2 months ago      Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

🌟 Dive Into the World of Sleep with Dr. Emily Ice: A Podcast Episode Not to Miss 🌜

Hello, Sleep Enthusiasts and Behavior Analysis Professionals! Get ready for an exciting journey into the realms of sleep and behavioral science with our latest podcast episode. Join us as we welcome Dr. Emily Ice, a renowned expert in behavioral sleep treatment and applied behavior analysis.

🛌👩‍⚕️ Meet Dr. Emily Ice - The Sleep Expert and Behavioral Health Trailblazer

In this episode, we're thrilled to feature Dr. Emily Ice, Executive Director at Step-In. She's not just a sleep specialist but a prominent figure in the behavioral health field, especially in the context of developmental disabilities. Dr. Ice has significantly contributed to sleep medicine and is a passionate advocate for entrepreneurship in behavior analysis. Her achievements in founding Step-In Autism Services and the 21st Sensory spotlight her as a pioneering innovator.

🌈🧸 For Everyone Curious About Sleep

Our discussion with Dr. Ice is for anyone interested in the intricate relationship between sleep and behavior. She will debunk common sleep myths, offer cutting-edge sleep treatment insights, and practical tips that can revolutionize your approach to sleep. If you've ever found yourself counting sheep at night, you're in for some surprising revelations!

🎉 A Must-Listen Episode

So, whether you're a professional in behavior analysis or someone fascinated by how sleep shapes our lives, this episode is for you. Prepare to be captivated by Dr. Ice's knowledge and enthusiasm as she shares her groundbreaking work in the field of sleep science.

Get cozy, tune in, and let's explore the fascinating world of sleep with Dr. Emily Ice!

Listen to the Podcast

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