Quality Management System


In the Applied Behavioral Analysis field, it is essential that companies like yours have comprehensive up to date policies and procedures.

That’s what we do.

Creating usable policy, procedure, or employee documents can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Simple mistakes can be detrimental to your business, especially if they violate HIPAA. The pressure is on.

We’re here to take that pressure off.

If you need to pass an Optum, Kaiser, Magellen, or BHCOE audit, LOOK NO FURTHER!  3 Pie Squared LLC's Quality Management System is the MOST comprehensive system for ABA practices on the market!

Company Policy Manual

Cost: $800

Employee Handbook

Cost: $400

Client Handbook

Cost: $400

HIPAA Policy Manual

Cost: $800

Supervisor Handbook

Cost: $400

Behavior Tech Checklist

Cost: $150