Behavior Tech Checklist

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The Behavior Tech Checklist is your comprehensive guide for your techs in training to develop core competencies and prepare to take the test. With our 32 treatment integrities, every aspect of competency that your techs must meet to excel in their roles is covered. Going beyond exam preparation, the checklist helps you establish the best compensation structure for your techs based on their acquired expertise, ensuring that they feel valued and motivated to continue their growth within your organization 
Directors at many ABA practices that 3 Pie Squared has served have stated that our Behavior Tech Checklist and other resources have reclaimed countless hours that could be spent better managing their operations. With years of experience in overseeing behavior techs, our team at 3 Pie Squared has packed this invaluable resource with insights and best practices to support your success.   This is a key component in our comprehensive suite designed to pass audits, including Optum, Kaiser, BHCOE, and Medicaid.  

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32 Treatment Integrity templates
6 point Ranking System
Skill Acquisition Based Wage Increases
BT Competency Review 

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Behavior Tech Checklist