Rate Negotiations

Rate negotiations can be difficult. Even with our consulting.  It is important to know that if an insurance company will not move you have to be willing to walk away, possibly work out of network or not work with the funding source at all. 
To ensure that you can continue to give your staff rate increases and pay the bills you MUST make every attempt to continuously negotiate rates. This is not a one time thing, you must negotiate rates as often as you can. 

Our customers are using our processes and getting 20% rate increases! What can you do with a 20% raise?

We will give you the best practices we have learned as we have successfully negotiated with most of the major private funders including BCBS, Kaiser, Aetna, Cigna, and more!

We will walk you through a budget, assist you with your proposal, how to request a rate increase and more.
Custom budget tool for contract rates
Self Paced Course on Rate Negotiations Best Practices
Rate Negotiations template letter to get you started
Up to 5 hours of consulting to help you through the process
Recoupment laws so you know how to fight funders

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Rate Negotiations

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