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2024-02-16 14:58:08 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Big Changes to the Podcast!

Transform Your ABA Practice: Exclusive Insights and Opportunities Await!

In a groundbreaking episode of the 3 Pie Squared ABA Business Leaders Podcast, hosts Stephen and April unveil a suite of opportunities designed to catapult your ABA practice into unprecedented growth. With the spotlight on Reputation Elevation, a business affiliate renowned for its remarkable marketing and client acquisition strategies.

Introducing Reputation Elevation:

Reputation Elevation emerges as a beacon of hope for ABA practices seeking substantial growth. This esteemed affiliate has a track record of increasing billable hours by an astonishing 267% and has been instrumental in helping practices break new ground by opening additional locations. Their success stems from a mastery of social media and Google ads campaigns, tailored specifically for the unique needs of ABA practices.

Discover Reputation Elevation's Transformative Approach

A Golden Opportunity for Free Consulting:

In an exclusive offer to our podcast listeners, Stephen and April are thrilled to present two hours of complimentary consulting. This session covers a gamut of essential topics, including HIPAA compliance, marketing, branding, and much more. Additionally, participants will enjoy a 10% discount on future 3 Pie Squared products or services—a gesture of our commitment to your practice's success.

Secure Your Spot for the Free Consultation

Engagement and Collective Learning:

The invitation extends beyond mere listening; Stephen and April encourage BCBAs to actively engage with the podcast. By sharing your unique journey, you contribute to a collective learning experience that addresses the pressing questions and challenges many in the ABA community face. This collaborative approach not only enriches your understanding but also paves the way for others to benefit from shared insights.

Final Thoughts:

This episode of the 3 Pie Squared ABA Business Leaders Podcast marks a pivotal moment for ABA practice owners. Stephen and April invite you to embark on a journey of proactive growth and development. Through strategic partnerships with entities like Reputation Elevation and by leveraging the exclusive consulting sessions offered, you're not just listening to a podcast—you're stepping into a realm of opportunity that promises to elevate your practice to new heights. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your ABA practice with the guidance and support of 3 Pie Squared.


2024-02-13 07:22:12 Author: ABA Marketing Team

Get Free Expert Consulting for Your ABA Business on Our Podcast – Apply Now!

Get Free Expert Consulting for Your ABA Business on Our Podcast – Apply Now!

Exciting Opportunity for BCBAs and ABA Business Owners!

Are you a BCBA who has started a company, or are you thinking about launching one? We have an incredible opportunity for you to get expert advice, live on our podcast! 3 Pie Squared LLC is opening up the floor to ABA professionals like you for a unique chance to receive two hours of free consulting on critical aspects of running and growing your ABA business.

Why Apply?

  • Tailored Advice: Select from topics including Credentialing, HIPAA, In-network Audits, Starting with a Partner, Mission Statements and Values, Hiring, and Budgeting.
  • Direct Support: Submit two questions about your chosen topic and explain why you should be selected.
  • Exclusive Discount: Participants will receive a 10% discount on any one product or service from 3 Pie Squared LLC.

How to Apply

Ready to take your ABA business to the next level? Fill out the 3 Pie Squared LLC Consulting Podcast Entry Form with your details, select your topic, and submit your questions. Don't miss this chance to speak directly with experts and get the answers you need.

Share with Your Network

Know other BCBAs or ABA business owners who could benefit from this opportunity? Please share this with them!

About 3 Pie Squared LLC

At 3 Pie Squared, we're dedicated to supporting the growth and success of ABA businesses. Our consulting services, resources, and handbooks are designed to meet the unique needs of the ABA industry, ensuring your practice is not just compliant but thriving.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by – apply today and let us help you build a stronger, more successful ABA practice.


2024-02-09 10:11:15 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Navigating the Credentialing Conundrum: Insights from ABA Leaders

Credentialing is a pivotal process for any Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practice, laying the foundation for service provision and reimbursement. However, the decision between hiring a credentialing professional or managing the process in-house can be daunting. In a recent episode of the Should I Do My Own ABA Credentialing: Insights from the Trenches, hosts Stephen and April delve into this very topic, drawing from their wealth of experience in running a successful 7-figure ABA practice and guiding over 900 practices through the startup and expansion phases. Their insights are invaluable for any ABA practice owner facing this critical decision.

The Credentialing Dilemma:

Credentialing, while essential, is often met with apprehension and uncertainty. Stephen and April kick off the discussion by framing the credentialing dilemma many ABA practice owners face: the choice between the autonomy of DIY credentialing and the ease of hiring a professional. This decision is not to be taken lightly, as it carries implications for the practice’s operational efficiency, ethical compliance, and financial health.

Pros and Cons of Professional Credentialing Services:

The podcast episode thoughtfully examines the benefits and drawbacks of outsourcing credentialing. On one hand, professional services offer expertise and can navigate the complex landscape of insurance and regulatory requirements efficiently. On the other hand, these services come at a cost, and distancing oneself from the process could lead to a lack of control and understanding of one's own practice operations.

The Case for DIY Credentialing:

Stephen and April advocate for the value of managing credentialing in-house, especially highlighting the importance of direct involvement in understanding and controlling the process. They argue that such involvement not only ensures a deeper understanding of the practice’s operational backbone but also empowers owners to navigate future credentialing challenges more adeptly.

Real-Life Experiences and Guidance:

Throughout the episode, the hosts share real-life anecdotes and lessons learned from both their own experiences and those of the practices they've assisted. These stories illuminate common pitfalls and success strategies, making a compelling case for either path depending on the practice's specific circumstances.

Engagement and Community Learning:

A key feature of the podcast is its interactive nature, with Stephen and April inviting listeners to share their questions and experiences. This approach not only enriches the discussion but also fosters a sense of community among ABA practice owners, encouraging a shared learning environment.

Conclusion and Resources:

Wrapping up the episode, Stephen and April offer practical advice for those navigating the credentialing process. They stress the importance of resources such as 3 Pie Squared’s comprehensive guides and personalized consulting packages, which can provide targeted support for practice owners.

Final Thoughts:

The episode "Should I Do My Own ABA Credentialing: Insights from the Trenches" is an essential resource for ABA practice owners grappling with the credentialing process. Whether considering hiring a credentialing professional or taking on the task in-house, listeners are armed with the insights needed to make informed and confident decisions. As the landscape of ABA practice operations continues to grow in complexity, the guidance provided by Stephen and April through 3 Pie Squared becomes ever more valuable.



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