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2024-07-12 10:30:01 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Navigating Growth and Challenges in ABA Business with Alecia Barrett

Navigating Growth and Challenges in ABA Business with Alecia Barrett Welcome to another episode of the 3 Pie Squared - ABA Business Leaders podcast! In this episode, we continue our insightful consult with Alecia Barrett from A. Barrett Academy LLC. Alecia offers a candid look into her journey of expanding her ABA practice, managing overwhelm, and balancing priorities. We discuss practical strategies for onboarding new staff, effective time management, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. A. Barrett Academy LLC is dedicated to providing top-notch Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services to families and children in Toledo, Ohio, and its surrounding areas, including Southeast Michigan. The academy's flexible service delivery options include in-home, community-based, and remote sessions, tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences of each individual and family. Alecia Barrett, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), also offers invaluable fieldwork experience supervision for those aspiring to achieve BCBA certification. Join A. Barrett Academy LLC in creating positive behavioral changes and empowering individuals to reach their fullest potential. Visit their website here. Navigating Growth and Challenges Alecia shares her experiences and the practical steps she has taken to manage the growth of her practice. Here are some key takeaways: Onboarding New Staff: Alecia discusses the importance of a structured onboarding process to ensure new staff are well-prepared and integrated smoothly into the practice. Time Management: Effective time management strategies are crucial in balancing client services, administrative tasks, and personal time. Alecia emphasizes the need to set firm boundaries and prioritize tasks. Work-Life Balance: Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is essential for long-term success and well-being. Alecia shares tips on how to avoid burnout and stay grounded amidst the demands of running a practice. Starting a practice and not sure where to start? Want to make sure you have everything needed for your established practice? Download our free start-up list here. Explore membership options with 3 Pie Squared and access exclusive resources for ABA business leaders here. Alecia Barrett’s journey provides valuable insights for ABA business leaders facing similar challenges. By sharing her strategies for growth, time management, and maintaining work-life balance, Alecia offers practical advice that can help others navigate their own paths to success.

2024-07-05 11:25:57 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Collaboration in ABA: Strengthening Connections Among ABA Business Owners

Collaboration in ABA: Strengthening Connections Among ABA Business Owners In the latest episode of the 3 Pie Squared - ABA Business Leaders podcast, we explore the importance of collaboration among ABA business owners. Our discussion, featuring insights from leading BCBA professionals, delves into the benefits and challenges of working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other in the ABA community. In this episode, we are joined by three esteemed BCBA professionals: Jennifer Helten, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Pathways Brooke Schneider, M.S.Ed., BCBA, CEO & Founder of Orange Pediatric Therapy Mallory Stinger, BCBA, Owner of Mallory Stinger ABA Services & Consulting   1. Benefits of Collaboration: Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory share their insights on how collaboration among ABA business owners can lead to improved service quality, enhanced client outcomes, and a more supportive industry culture. They highlight the importance of sharing resources and knowledge to overcome challenges more effectively and provide better care. 2. Overcoming Barriers: The guests discuss common barriers to collaboration, including competition, pride, and fear of intellectual property theft. They emphasize the need to shift the focus from competition to community support. Jennifer mentions her initial reluctance to collaborate and how overcoming this mindset has benefited her practice. Brooke and Mallory share similar experiences, noting that trust and open communication are key to successful collaboration. 3. Practical Strategies: The conversation covers practical strategies for fostering collaboration, such as reaching out to local agencies, participating in state-level associations, and creating open channels of communication with other providers. Mallory discusses her involvement in the Washington ABA Association and how it has facilitated collaboration in her region. 4. Experiences from the Field: Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory share personal experiences of moving from isolation to cooperation. They discuss how they've successfully collaborated with other ABA business owners, the lessons they've learned, and the positive impact it has had on their practices and client outcomes. For example, Brooke shares how restructuring her administrative staff and seeking advice from peers has led to a more efficient and supportive work environment. 5. Building Trust and Community: Building trust and fostering a sense of community among ABA providers is crucial. Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory emphasize the importance of initiating collaborative efforts and maintaining open communication with other business owners. They share insights on how to approach potential collaborators, build rapport, and sustain long-term cooperative relationships. Starting a practice and not sure where to start? Want to ensure you have everything needed for your established practice? Download our free startup list here:  Explore membership options with 3 Pie Squared and access exclusive resources for ABA business leaders. Click here:

2024-06-28 10:45:02 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

"I Hate My Job" Series Kickoff: Discussing Burnout and Unethical Practices in the ABA Field

"I Hate My Job" Series Kickoff: Discussing Burnout and Unethical Practices in the ABA Field Sponsor This episode is sponsored by MarginKeepers, a leading provider of financial management services. 3 Pie Squared Fans can get a free chart of accounts for their ABA Business just by emailing with the subject "3 Pie Squared”. Introduction We're excited to launch our new series, "I Hate My Job," where we explore the challenges and issues faced by professionals in various fields. In this series kickoff, we delve into the ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) field, focusing on burnout and unethical practices. Join us as we unpack these critical topics with insights from our esteemed panel of experts. Podcast Summary In the first episode of our "I Hate My Job" series, we tackle the pressing issue of burnout and the unethical practices that can arise within the ABA field. Our host is joined by three distinguished guests who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the discussion: Jennifer Helten, BCBA Chief Executive Officer of Unique Pathways. Visit Unique Pathways to learn more about her work. Mallory Stinger, BCBA of Mallory Stinger ABA Services & Consulting. Connect with her on LinkedIn. Robin Stone, M.S., BCBA Owner of Innovative Behavior Options. Visit Innovative Behavior Options to learn more about her work. Key Highlights Burnout in ABA The episode begins with a discussion on burnout, a significant issue in the helping professions, including ABA. Our panelists emphasize that burnout is not just prevalent but more pronounced in fields where professionals are dedicated to making a positive impact. They highlight the importance of addressing burnout proactively to maintain the well-being of practitioners and the quality of services provided to clients. Ethical Practices Unethical practices in the ABA field are a major concern. Our guests stress that no BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst) intends to cause harm, but certain practices can inadvertently lead to unethical behavior. The panel shares strategies for preventing these practices and maintaining high ethical standards in their work. Social Media Insights The panelists discuss insights gathered from social media platforms like Reddit, where behavior technicians and ABA therapists often share their frustrations and ethical concerns. These comments reflect a need for better support, training, and ethical guidance within the industry. Support and Training Providing adequate support and training to staff is crucial for ensuring ethical and effective practice. Our guests discuss various ways to support their teams, from individualized training programs to creating a supportive work environment that prioritizes mental health and professional development. Stay Connected Twitter: @3PieSquared Facebook: 3 Pie Squared LinkedIn: 3 Pie Squared Stay connected and join the conversation!


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