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Our goal is to help you focus on the work you care about while we take care of the complicated processes. Our specialized solutions help you reduce the time and cost it takes to develop policies, procedures and understand HIPAA compliance. Our vast knowledge of the industry allows us to provide you with a service catered to your exact needs.  Book a free 50 minute consultation here!

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Our Company Policy Manual
The framework for all policies, our comprehensive
Company Policy Manual consists of 262 pages and
over 46,000 words. With the new compliance checks,
our manual ensures you will always be confident your
 policies will meet state and federal requirements.

Cost: $800


If you could have more of anything in your life, what would it be? If you’re like us, you probably want more time. We’ve calculated the average time it takes to complete each handbook. So, pick one (or all) from the dropdown list, select your hourly rate, and we’ll tell you what it’ll cost to write yourself! Just remember this doesn't include our free updates!

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2021-10-20 05:48:48 Author: Stephen Smith

Benefits of Outsourcing with 3 Pie Squared

  1. 1. Save yourself time
The time it takes to develop policies, procedures and understand HIPAA compliance is valuable time that could be used focusing on patient care. Outsourcing with 3 Pie Squared allows you to focus on the work you care about while we handle the complicated, back-end processes!
  1. 2. Reduce your business costs
Not only can our services save you time, but money too! Our online calculator will tell you exactly how much money you can save from outsourcing each of our products. Try it for yourself!
  1. 3. Increased dependability 
When you outsource, your compliance is being handled by a fully-staffed organization, rather than only several in-house employees that could suddenly leave, call in sick or take an extended vacation. You can expect someone to be working around the clock to ensure your practice is compliant.
  1. 4. Reduced risk
You can guarantee that all of the resources you purchase from 3 Pie Squared are accurate, HIPAA compliant and follow both state and federal requirements. We even provide all of our clients with free lifetime updates, because compliance regulations are always updating and changing.
  1. 5. Specialized expertise 
Our team has over 20 years of expertise in the ABA business field. Our experience includes both owning and operating ABA practices, as well as years of back-end management for other small practices, which has allowed us to understand the exact needs of our clients. 

Get in touch with our team and see how our services can benefit you and your business at

2021-08-12 02:51:10 Author: Stephen

Why 3 Pie Squared

At 3 Pie Squared, our mission is to help ABA practices grow by assisting with back-end business policies and procedures. We provide customizable and thorough policy manuals and company handbooks created specifically for ABA practices.  
Our knowledge and experience in owning and operating ABA companies along with our network of more than 600 independent ABA practice owners, ensures that your policies and procedures follow both federal and state guidelines and meets insurance funder audit requirements.  
Our clients are also invited to sign up for 3 Pie Squared’s ABA Business Leaders Membership which offers 12-month access to our self-paced course covering all aspects of starting and growing an ABA company, members only live group events for collaboration and support, and access to our extensive CEU library, which meets all BCBA CEU requirements. 

“We decided to purchase the manuals as a way to make sure we had a comprehensive set of policies and procedures that were HR reviewed. To say that Stephen's manuals are thorough is an understatement. It is literally one of the best business decisions my organization has made.” 
Jennifer at LBA TURNING POINT Behavioral Analytic Services 
We’ve been in your shoes, so we know the challenges you’re facing firsthand, and we’ve come up with solutions. Let us take care of the business side of the ABA field, so you can focus on the work that matters - helping people. ...

2019-11-07 07:17:14 Author: Stephen

The Cost of RBT Turnover

The cost of turnover can cripple a company! Training, lost productivity, client satisfaction, employee morale, and the company's profitability are all at risk when you lose staff. We created a simple calculator to give you a sense of the costs involved in losing your front line staff. Try it out and see what you get. Wage increases, bonus plans, paid time off, staff appreciation, staff support, and medical benefits call all help with staff retention.
Click here to check out the turnover calculator!...


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