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2023-11-21 15:40:18 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Optimize Your ABA Practice with the Case Load Utilization Tool - 50% until Friday!

50% Discount Until Black Friday use coupon code: turkeydeal

For ABA practices, managing caseloads and resources efficiently is key to delivering high-quality care and maintaining operational effectiveness. That's where our 'Case Load Utilization' tool comes in – a specialized Excel spreadsheet designed to optimize your ABA practice's caseload management.

Understanding The Case Load Utilization Tool

It's a comprehensive solution for managing various aspects of your caseload. It helps ABA practices to allocate resources effectively, ensuring that every client receives the attention they need, while also maximizing the productivity of your staff.

Key Features of the Tool

  • Customizable Parameters: Set average drive time, supervision session time, direct service session time, and more according to your practice's requirements.
  • Complexity & Needs Assessment: Classify your cases as high, medium, or low complexity, aiding in precise resource allocation.
  • In-depth Billable Requirements Analysis: Includes considerations for BCBA/BCaBA and RBT weekly requirements, along with drive time.
  • Research Time Consideration: Factor in the additional time required for research to ensure comprehensive service planning.
  • Streamlined Resource Allocation: Determine the optimal number of BCBAs, BCaBAs, and technicians required based on your practice’s unique client data.

Benefits for Your ABA Practice

  • Resource Optimization: Ensure efficient use of your staff’s time and skills.
  • Better Service Delivery: Align client needs with appropriate staff resources, improving the overall quality of care.
  • Data-Driven Management: Utilize concrete data to make informed decisions about your practice’s operations and resource distribution.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency: With clear insights into caseload distribution and staff requirements, your practice can operate more efficiently, reducing wasted time and resources.
  • Adaptability for Growth: As your practice grows, the tool's flexibility allows for easy adjustments, ensuring it continues to meet your evolving needs.

Why Choose 'Case Load Utilization'?

In the fast-paced and ever-changing field of ABA, having a tool that can adapt to your specific needs and provide clear, actionable insights is invaluable. The 'Case Load Utilization' tool is more than a spreadsheet – it's a comprehensive resource management system tailored for the unique challenges of ABA practices.

Ready to revolutionize your ABA practice's caseload management? The 'Case Load Utilization' tool is here to help.

Watch April and Stephen go over the Case Load Utilization Tool

For more information and to take the first step towards a more efficient and effective practice, click here to purchase the 'Case Load Utilization' Tool.


2023-11-16 11:27:25 Author: Stephen Smith

Black Friday Special - Rate Negotiations 2.0 - Elevating Your Practice with Provider Rate Resources

Launching December 1st!  Exciting news for ABA, SLP, PT, and OT practices! From now through Black Friday, we're thrilled to introduce a game-changing addition to our Rate Negotiations Consulting service: Provider Rate Resources.

Our new beta service includes:

  • Access to up to 9 codes from two funders like Kaiser, Cigna, Aetna, and Optum, with more on the way.
  • Rate information from 2-3 providers in your area.
  • Although still in development, this service aims to give you a clear picture of what competitive rates should look like in your locality.

Comprehensive Coverage

We're not just about ABA codes. Our service includes SLP, PT, and OT codes too, making our rate negotiation training a versatile tool for various healthcare providers.

Know Your Worth: Get Local Funder Rate Insights

Gain access to comprehensive rate data in your area. This information empowers you to negotiate with a clearer understanding of the prevailing rates, boosting your confidence and strategy.

Our Proven Rate Negotiation Support

With our emphasis on persistence and preparedness, our service is designed to make informed decisions an ongoing strategy, not just a one-time event.

  • Custom Budget Tools: For negotiating contract rates.
  • Self-Paced Course: On the best practices of rate negotiations.
  • Negotiation Templates: To get you started immediately.
  • Personalized Consulting: Up to 5 hours of expert guidance.
  • Recoupment Laws Knowledge: To effectively manage disputes.

Check out the Testimonial from Monica Piper, Owner of Stepping Stones ABA Therapy

Special Launch Offer: Act Now!

The beta service will officially open on December 1st, but here's your chance to get ahead: Buy our rate negotiations consulting before Black Friday, and you'll receive the new Rate Resources service at no extra cost. This is a limited-time offer, so don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your negotiation prowess.

Exclusive Pre-Black Friday Deal!

Make the most of our Black Friday special offer – buy our rate negotiations consulting now and get the Rate Resources service included for free. Get in on this deal before it's too late!


2023-11-10 10:35:31 Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Navigating Medical Necessity with Dan and Mike from ABA on Tap

Navigating Medical Necessity in ABA Services
Season 3, Episode 1: A Cause for Celebration!

We are thrilled to welcome you to the first episode of our third season of the 3 Pie Squared ABA Business Leaders podcast. This season starts with a crucial topic that resonates deeply within the ABA community.

This episode is sponsored by MarginKeepers.

Exploring Medical Necessity:

Join us as we dive into the complexities of medical necessity in ABA services. Our distinguished guests, Dan and Mike from the ABA on Tap podcast, shed light on how these criteria are integral to service delivery and insurance reimbursement.

Impact on ABA Services:

Medical necessity is a cornerstone for authorization of ABA services. The episode discusses how understanding and effectively navigating medical necessity can significantly impact the quality and accessibility of ABA services.

Implications for Practitioners and Clients:

Our conversation extends to the implications for practitioners in their day-to-day service provision and for clients who are seeking insurance coverage for ABA therapy.


As we unpack the episode's insights, we hope to empower ABA providers with the knowledge to advocate for their services and support the families they serve. Thank you for joining us on this journey, and we look forward to an enlightening season ahead!



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