Case Load Utilization

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Maximize Efficiency with the 'Case Load Utilization' Tool for BCBA and ABA Businesses

Introducing our innovative 'Case Load Utilization' Excel spreadsheet – a must-have solution for BCBA and ABA business professionals aiming to optimize their case load management. This tool is expertly designed to streamline your scheduling, drive time, and overall case load management, making it an indispensable asset for your ABA practice.

Key Features:

  • Customizable Settings: Tailor the spreadsheet according to your specific requirements, including average drive time, supervision session time, and direct service session time.
  • Client Service Analysis: Input your client service data, and the tool calculates the optimal number of BCBAs, BCaBAs, and technicians needed for efficient case load handling.
  • Advanced Complexity & Needs Assessment: Categorize cases as high, medium, or low complexity, allowing for more precise staff allocation and time management.
  • Billable Requirements Calculator: Includes drive time to determine the weekly needs for BCBA/BCaBA and BT staff, ensuring adherence to billable requirements.
  • Incorporates Parent Training Time: Automatically calculates the average parent training as a percentage of direct service, facilitating comprehensive care planning.
  • Support Staff Percentage Allocation: Efficiently manage your support staff distribution based on client needs and case complexity.
  • Research Time Consideration: Adjust for additional time required for research, ensuring your staff has the resources they need for client success.
  • Drive Time Buffering: Incorporates buffers for drive time, ensuring realistic and manageable schedules for your team.
This is a key component in our comprehensive suite designed to pass audits, including Optum, Kaiser, BHCOE, and Medicaid. 

With the 'Case Load Utilization' tool, your BCBA or ABA business will benefit from enhanced operational efficiency, improved staff allocation, and better time management. 

Elevate your ABA practice today with our 'Case Load Utilization' spreadsheet – the smart solution for every forward-thinking BCBA and ABA business!

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Case Load Utilization