The 3 Pie Squared's ABA Business Leader Podcast, the #1 ABA Business Podcast in the US, is a great place to get a sample of just some of the content our ABA Business Leaders Membership has to offer.  If you don't have apple podcast you can listen here or on spotify.
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Would you like to be a guest on our Podcast?

3 Pie Squared’s ABA Business Leader Podcast is for ABA Business owners, BCBA®’s thinking about starting a practice, and the leadership of existing ABA businesses.  Our focus is on helping our audience create high quality, sustainable, and ethical practices.  We currently work with approximately 1000 ABA practices all over the United States.   We post our events live on facebook in member groups totaling approximately 6000 members and then on our podcast.  Not all of our events are live however.  Some of our guests are experts in areas such as marketing and branding, web design, law, HIPAA, etc. and may not understand our audience. 

So, what are you waiting for?

If this sounds like your kind of group please reach out to podcast@3piesquared.com and let's talk! Join us on a journey of discovery and learning.
Ready to start?

Please listen to a couple of our podcasts to make sure this is the right fit, just like all other podcast creators ours is unique and so is our audience.

Now all the paperwork!  We have made this process easy so you just have to click on Step 1

Our live events are on Thursdays at 12:00 PM eastern standard time but we can record our events (with out live members) at different times depending on your schedule.  Please take a look at our calendar and see what works for you.  If you are a team/group please work together to find the best time before booking on our calendar. 

Technical requirments for our guests:
Coming on the podcast requires the following:

1. Stable internet connection to stream the podcast. We recommend an internet speed above 75 Mbps to avoid interruption. You can check internet speed here.
2. Headphones with a microphone. You can also use wired earbuds.  This is the preferred option but if you have good quality bluetooth earbuds with mic that would also be acceptable
3. Professional background
4. Professional attire 
5. A quiet space for the entirety of the podcast
We use teams so please download teams on your computer prior to the podcast
Overview of our typical podcast
Generally our podcast (both live and recorded) follows the same format.

1. Guest Introduction 2-5 minutes.
2. Approx 45 minutes on the topic.  We do ask for a presentation as the nature of our conversations are normally specific and have great amount of detail.  If you need a template click here to download ours.  If you plan on using this template please keep the colors and theme consistent so it is easy to follow along.  If you do not have a presentation please let us know what visuals you will have such as a website or an app.
3. 10-15 minutes of Q&A.  If it is live we may bring up the questions as they relate to the content or wait until the end.  If it is recorded we will ask our audience and members for questions before hand and send them to you so you can be ready with some general ideas on how best to answer.  If you have some questions you would like us to ask or you know are frequently asked please provide them.
4. If we find the topic cannot be covered in the time permitted, we typically break it into two or three podcasts as needed.
5. Last is going over the guest’s call to action. Promotions including links, websites, social media etc.
6. We also ask if you have researched the topic that you provide any citations/references so we can disclose this in the podcast notes. We want to make sure we give credit where credit is due!