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Big Changes to the Podcast!

Posted 2 months ago      Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Transform Your ABA Practice: Exclusive Insights and Opportunities Await!

In a groundbreaking episode of the 3 Pie Squared ABA Business Leaders Podcast, hosts Stephen and April unveil a suite of opportunities designed to catapult your ABA practice into unprecedented growth. With the spotlight on Reputation Elevation, a business affiliate renowned for its remarkable marketing and client acquisition strategies.

Introducing Reputation Elevation:

Reputation Elevation emerges as a beacon of hope for ABA practices seeking substantial growth. This esteemed affiliate has a track record of increasing billable hours by an astonishing 267% and has been instrumental in helping practices break new ground by opening additional locations. Their success stems from a mastery of social media and Google ads campaigns, tailored specifically for the unique needs of ABA practices.

Discover Reputation Elevation's Transformative Approach

A Golden Opportunity for Free Consulting:

In an exclusive offer to our podcast listeners, Stephen and April are thrilled to present two hours of complimentary consulting. This session covers a gamut of essential topics, including HIPAA compliance, marketing, branding, and much more. Additionally, participants will enjoy a 10% discount on future 3 Pie Squared products or services—a gesture of our commitment to your practice's success.

Secure Your Spot for the Free Consultation

Engagement and Collective Learning:

The invitation extends beyond mere listening; Stephen and April encourage BCBAs to actively engage with the podcast. By sharing your unique journey, you contribute to a collective learning experience that addresses the pressing questions and challenges many in the ABA community face. This collaborative approach not only enriches your understanding but also paves the way for others to benefit from shared insights.

Final Thoughts:

This episode of the 3 Pie Squared ABA Business Leaders Podcast marks a pivotal moment for ABA practice owners. Stephen and April invite you to embark on a journey of proactive growth and development. Through strategic partnerships with entities like Reputation Elevation and by leveraging the exclusive consulting sessions offered, you're not just listening to a podcast—you're stepping into a realm of opportunity that promises to elevate your practice to new heights. Don't miss out on the chance to transform your ABA practice with the guidance and support of 3 Pie Squared.