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Collaboration in ABA: Strengthening Connections Among ABA Business Owners

Posted 3 weeks ago      Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

More info on our amazing guests

Jennifer Helten, BCBA

Brooke Schneider M.S.Ed., BCBA

Mallory Stinger, BCBA

Collaboration in ABA: Strengthening Connections Among ABA Business Owners

In the latest episode of the 3 Pie Squared - ABA Business Leaders podcast, we explore the importance of collaboration among ABA business owners. Our discussion, featuring insights from leading BCBA professionals, delves into the benefits and challenges of working together, sharing resources, and supporting each other in the ABA community.

In this episode, we are joined by three esteemed BCBA professionals:

  • Jennifer Helten, Chief Executive Officer of Unique Pathways
  • Brooke Schneider, M.S.Ed., BCBA, CEO & Founder of Orange Pediatric Therapy
  • Mallory Stinger, BCBA, Owner of Mallory Stinger ABA Services & Consulting

1. Benefits of Collaboration:

Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory share their insights on how collaboration among ABA business owners can lead to improved service quality, enhanced client outcomes, and a more supportive industry culture. They highlight the importance of sharing resources and knowledge to overcome challenges more effectively and provide better care.

2. Overcoming Barriers:

The guests discuss common barriers to collaboration, including competition, pride, and fear of intellectual property theft. They emphasize the need to shift the focus from competition to community support. Jennifer mentions her initial reluctance to collaborate and how overcoming this mindset has benefited her practice. Brooke and Mallory share similar experiences, noting that trust and open communication are key to successful collaboration.

3. Practical Strategies:

The conversation covers practical strategies for fostering collaboration, such as reaching out to local agencies, participating in state-level associations, and creating open channels of communication with other providers. Mallory discusses her involvement in the Washington ABA Association and how it has facilitated collaboration in her region.

4. Experiences from the Field:

Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory share personal experiences of moving from isolation to cooperation. They discuss how they've successfully collaborated with other ABA business owners, the lessons they've learned, and the positive impact it has had on their practices and client outcomes. For example, Brooke shares how restructuring her administrative staff and seeking advice from peers has led to a more efficient and supportive work environment.

5. Building Trust and Community:

Building trust and fostering a sense of community among ABA providers is crucial. Jennifer, Brooke, and Mallory emphasize the importance of initiating collaborative efforts and maintaining open communication with other business owners. They share insights on how to approach potential collaborators, build rapport, and sustain long-term cooperative relationships.