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Improving Quality Through Accreditation: A Discussion with Erick Dubuque, Director of ACQ

Posted 7 months ago      Author: 3 Pie Squared Marketing Team

Improving Quality Through Accreditation: A Discussion with Erick Dubuque, Director of ACQ

Join us in an engaging podcast session with Erick Dubuque, Ph.D., LBA, BCBA-D, Director of the Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ). In this episode, we focus on the pivotal role of accreditation in enhancing the quality of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) practices.

Highlights of the Discussion:

  1. The Role of Accreditation in ABA Practices: Erick Dubuque shares his insights on how accreditation by ACQ contributes significantly to the standardization and improvement of ABA practices. The discussion delves into the processes and criteria involved in ACQ's accreditation.
  2. Ensuring Accountability with ACQ Standards: We explore the importance of ACQ's standards in maintaining accountability across the ABA field. Erick talks about the challenges of implementing these standards and how ACQ works to ensure they are effectively met.
  3. The Impact of Third-Party Auditing: Erick emphasizes the value of third-party auditing in the accreditation process, detailing how it aligns with ACQ's core values and mission to uphold the integrity and quality of ABA services.
  4. ACQ's Mission and Influence on the ABA Industry: The podcast highlights ACQ's mission and its transformative impact on ABA practices. Erick shares examples of how ACQ's initiatives have led to positive changes in the field.

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