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Three Common Struggles of a New ABA Practice

Posted 1 year ago      Author: Stephen Smith

New ABA business owners often face several struggles while establishing their companies. Don’t worry - these growing pains are common, and there are plenty of helpful resources to assist you in this new journey. Keep reading to check out three common challenges and solutions for ABA practitioners interested in becoming business owners. 

  1. Developing a Healthy Work-Life Balance
            Burnout is a major concern within the ABA industry. From challenging patients or behaviors to handling the business side of your practice, you are constantly juggling several tasks at once. All of these stressors, along with a dedication and love for ABA, can make it difficult to leave work at work and create a healthy work-life balance for yourself. Combat this by taking the time to focus on your own mental health with healthy habits like meditation, exercise, sleep, healthy eating and remembering to leave work behind when you head home.
  1. Finding Highly Trained ABA Therapists
            There is a large demand for ABA therapists throughout the United States and finding the perfect fit for your ABA practice can be difficult. 3 Pie Squared’s sister company, Ethical Clinical Careers, was created specifically to assist in the matching of ABA practices to qualified practitioners. As a member of Ethical Clinical Careers, you gain access to a variety of resources that will help you throughout your hiring search.
  1. Understanding the Strict Ethical Guidelines of the BACB
            The time and money it takes to understand HIPAA compliance and develop policies and procedures are valuable resources that could be focused on developing your practice and caring for patients. 3 Pie Squared aims to eliminate this struggle by providing ABA practices with comprehensive, specialized and up-to-date business resources and solutions. Learn more by signing up for a free consultation and see the benefits that working with 3 Pie Squared could have on your new practice. 
It’s easy to let challenges like the ones listed above deter you from pursuing the dream of owning your own ABA practice. However, overcoming these obstacles means you have an opportunity to make a huge difference in the lives of patients and their families. Remember, these struggles are common for new and seasoned ABA business owners. Knowing exactly what to expect when opening your own ABA practice and ensuring you have access to the resources you need are two of the best ways to face these challenges head-on.