Reputation Elevation

Reputation Elevation
Reputation Elevation

Reputation Elevation is on a mission to connect ABA providers with the individuals who need their services most, and job applicants looking for their next career opportunity. 

Since 2018, Reputation Elevation has helped dozens of providers grow by developing digital marketing systems tailored specifically to the nuances and needs of the ABA industry. 

Reputation Elevation has helped ABA therapy practices do some pretty incredible things, such as: 
Increase billable hours 267% in under eight months 
Open new locations, and fill them with cases quickly 
Compete effectively against private equity-backed organizations 
Hire BCBA’s with confidence that cases will be available 
Attract qualified job applicants 
Double in size in three months 
Attract a private equity buyout 

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Are your services suitable for all ABA practices?
Yes, we cater to practices of all sizes and stages.

Can you assist with staffing?
We optimize your online presence to maximize potential hires based on specific needs.

What does it cost?
Investments start at $1500/month for SEO and $3,500-$6,000/month for paid ads. Costs vary based on needs. Use our Marketing ROI calculator for an estimate.

What about contracts?
Contracts are tailored to service selection, starting with a setup period and followed by renewable terms.

Is a good website necessary?
While beneficial, success is possible with less optimized sites.

When is a new company ready for marketing?
If you're prepared to accept new clients within 4-8 weeks, you're ready.

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