ABA Therapy Marketing ROI Calculator

When planning out your marketing efforts, it's important to understand the relationship between how many families reach out to you each month (leads), what percentage of those families enroll with you (close rate), and how much revenue you can reasonable expect to earn in the coming 12 months. The numbers listed below are based on ballpark averages from Reputation Elevation clients. You can change any of the inputs in yellow to customize the numbers to your average reimbursement rates, case size, etc. Please note that when you talk with leads generated through online marketing, your close rate is going to be lower than when you receive referrals from physicians, existing clients, etc. Your close rate will also depend on what payors and ages you accept, how talented your intake team is, and other factors.

Average Case Value Calculator

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Avg Case Hrs/Week - BCBA


Avg Compensation/Hr - BCBA


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Revenue Calculator

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