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Upcoming Podcast with Erick Dubuque, Director of ACQ & Exciting News on How We Can Help Companies Navigate This New Standard! 🌟🎙️

Posted 7 months ago      Author: Stephen Smith

Hello everyone! I have some thrilling news to share.

Firstly, I am delighted to announce that I've completed training in the ACQ (Autism Commission on Quality) standards and accreditation procedures. Riding on this momentum, we're launching an in-depth ACQ workshop. We're aiming to collaborate with at least 15 groups for monthly 1-2-hour sessions over 8 months. We'll deep dive into the standards and discuss aligning them with the principles from the 3 Pie Squared Handbooks. Interested in joining the ACQ workshop? Get all the details and sign up here.

BUT, there's more!

We're hosting a podcast with Erick Dubuque, Ph.D., LBA, BCBA-D, Director of Autism Commission on Quality (ACQ) on Thursday, November 9th, at 12 noon Eastern. You can find more about the ACQ at their official site. Join us Thursday live in our closed Facebook group here to join the discussion. I plan to steer our discussion towards some pressing concerns that I often hear about accreditation:

  • How can a standard ensure accountability, especially if certain entities might not strictly adhere to it?
  • What's the actual value behind following a standard if getting accredited is perceived as easy?

While these questions aren't specifically about the ACQ, they echo the broader sentiment about the accreditation process. I'm eager to hear Erick's take on this. I genuinely believe in the power of 3rd party auditing, especially when it aligns with core values and a clear mission statement.

Before you go! 🎥

Don't forget to check out the video at the bottom of this blog where we delve deeper into what our ACQ workshop offers.

So, whether you're planning to strengthen your ABA practice systems with our workshop, or you're just curious about the accreditation process, we have something for everyone. Let's elevate together! 📚🔍🎙️🏆