For new ABA companies or those looking to make a few changes to their operation, creating usable policy, procedure, or employee documents can be overwhelming. It eats up untold hours of precious time, small – but important – details can easily be left out, and making mistakes can spell disaster – especially if they violate HIPAA. Long story short, the pressure is on!

...We’re here to take that pressure off.

Our Quality Management System (QMS) was designed to be the perfect tool for any ABA therapy company looking to standardize their policies or transition from self-pay to insurance. It’s BHCOE Accreditation compliant and updated every 6 months to ensure regulations are met in every state. It contains over 600 pages of policies, procedures, work instructions, job descriptions, and more! We can help you set up electronic forms on your website for client input, employee quizzes, and incident reports.

Essentially, we want to save you tremendous time and worry and let you get back to the tasks that make this work worthwhile: improving quality of life for those who truly need it.

If you have any questions about what we do, please press the little green button at the top of the screen to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to walk you through it!

If you’re ready to purchase, simply scroll down, click on the products you need, and fill out the form that pops up – including a signature. Once payment is complete, you will receive both the signed agreement and a link to download your items. You’ll have 24 hours to download the files. But don’t worry, you can contact us and we’ll help you out if the 24 hours has expired.

Please note, while the QMS is an ideal system for ABA companies – since it’s tailored to your needs – it’s not meant to be a finished product from day 1. You’ll have to take a little time to customize it for your company. To make this process simple, we included MACROs* that allow you to add or change all of your business and contact information with the click of a button; and, we’ve highlighted all of the areas that will need to be adapted to fit your company. However, we strongly recommend that you review all aspects of the system to ensure it fits within your company, for liability purposes.

Once you’ve finalized your changes, we also recommend having it reviewed by your human resources consultant, employment attorney, or HIPAA/HITECH Consultant to make sure everything’s in its place. This is important, because although we do update these documents from time to time, we may not update until after a new regulation or law is in effect.

With our new quarterly updates and compliance check our handbooks will work for any State!  These documents do need to be reviewed to ensure all laws/regulations are being followed depending on your location. It is up to the individual company to ensure it is following all the correct laws and regulations for that company. We do have HR consultants that can work with you throughout this process.

If you have any questions before purchasing, you can always click the green button at the top of the screen to contact us!

*The all new MACROs make it so much easier to get your system up and running! Just enter your company info in the correct fields, and your information automatically updates in all relevant places throughout the manual. All policies have been reviewed by a human resources consultant and a proofreader.

Want to see what the handbooks look like, need start up support, or would like to set up a HIPAA evaluation? Book a free 60 minutes consult here!

Company Policy Manual

Company Policy Manual Icon
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The Company Policy Manual is 268 pages, over 33,000 words, and is the framework for all policies.  It includes critical components to any company, including: job descriptions, referral processes, client and employee policies (detailed employee/client handbooks are still needed), CPM procedures, work instructions, infectious disease control and a CPM overview quiz, and so much more! The new compliance checks mean you will always be confident your policies will meet state requirements.

Table of Contents

Company Policy Manual 9

1.0 Introduction 11

2.0 Scope 12

2.1 Quality Policy 12

3.0 References 13

4.0 Terms and Definitions 13

5.0 Introduction 25

5.1.1 General  25

5.1.2 Company Manual  25

5.1.3 Control of Documents  26

5.1.4 Control of Records 26

6.1 Management Commitment 28

6.2 Client Focus 28

6.3 Quality Policy 28

6.4 Planning 28

6.4.1 Quality Objectives 28

6.4.2 Company Policy Manual Planning 29

6.4.3 Continuity of Operations 29

6.5 Responsibility, Authority and Communication 29

6.5.1 Responsibility and Authority 29

6.5.2 Management Representative 70

7.0 Resource Management 72

7.1 Provision of Resources 72

7.2 Human Resources 72

7.2.1 General 72

7.2.2 Competence, Awareness and Training 73

7.2.3 Hiring Process 75 Background Checks 75 Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) for Background Checks 75

Notice and Disclosure Requirements 76 Verification of Education  77 Verification of License 77 Reference and Letter of Recommendation Policy 78

Introduction 78

Definitions 78 Level of Competency 81

7.3 Materials and Resources 82

7.4 Working Environment 82

7.4.1 Crisis Management Training 83

7.4.2 Whistleblower Policy for Management 84

7.4.3 CPR Training 87

CPR training is available to the staff members annually and must be re-certified on a biennial basis. If a staff member is not certified they will not be scheduled for any sessions until re-certified. 87

7.4.4 OSHA 87 Infectious Disease Control 88 Occupational Exposure to Bloodborne Pathogens 89 Workers’ Compensation Procedures for Managers 89

7.4.5 Inclement Weather 99

7.4.6 Travel Time 99

7.4.7 Expense Reimbursement 99

7.4.8 Supervision Assistance Program and Tuition Assistance Program 100

8.1 Prospective/Referred Clients 109

8.1.1 Contacting the Client 110

8.1.2 Scheduling Intake 111

8.2 Intake Process 111

8.2.1 Collection of Documentation  115

8.3 Assessment Process 115

8.4 Referral & Termination Process 115

8.4.1 Parent Participation 116

8.4.2 Client & Employee Safety 116

8.4.3 Termination of Services  116

8.5 Treatment Planning 117

8.6 Data Collection & Progress Notes 119

9.1 Client Surveys 119

9.2 Client Complaints 119

10.0 Deadlines 121

CPM Procedures 124

Background Check Procedure 125

Client Complaints Procedure 126

Client Complaint Form 127

Client Satisfaction Survey Procedure 128

Continuous Improvement Project Procedure 136

Control of Records Procedure 138

Document Control Procedure 141

Emergency Procedure 142

External Referral Procedure 146

Hand Washing Procedure 150

Infectious Disease Procedure 152

Internal Referral Procedure 203

Parent Participation Procedure 205

Supervision Procedure 208

Disciplinary Procedure 209

Sexual Harassment Procedure 213

Nondiscrimination/Anti-Harassment Procedure 219

Ergonomics and Toxic Exposure Procedure 224

Fire Safety and Disaster Emergency Evacuation Procedure 232

Continuity of Care Plan 238

Emergency Response Plan 256

Disaster Recovery Plan 261

CPM Work Instructions 267

Session Guidelines and Data Collection Work Instruction 268

Evaluation Work Instruction 271

Client Binder Work Instruction 272

Cost: $800.00

Employee Handbook

Quality Manual System Employee Icon
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The Employee Handbook is 94 pages, almost 13,000 words and includes everything you need for onboarding and orientation with  new employees, such as: New Employee Checklist and all necessary forms required for new employees, including offer letter, job requirements, training, HR policies, quiz, and much more!  The new compliance checks mean you will always be confident your policies will meet state requirements.

Table of Contents

New Hire Checklist 7

Employee Direct Deposit 11

Offer Letter 13

Employee Handbook 17

Overview 18

Acknowledgment of Receipt of Employee Handbook  20

Job Requirements 21

Probationary Period 23

Training 23

Performance Evaluation 24

Termination 24

Agreement to Be Video-Taped & Photographed 25

Code of Conduct 25

Rules and Regulations of {Company Name} 25

Confidentiality Policy 26

Appropriate Treatment of Clients 27

Interaction with Families 28

Cultural Competence Policy 29

Gifts 32

Working in a Client Home 33

Permission for Background, Education and Malpractice Check  34

Permission for Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) Background Check  34

Alcohol and Drug Policy 35

Dress Code Policy 35

Resolving Grievances 36

Whistleblower Policy 37

Communication Policy 40

Cell Phone Usage During Sessions 40

Schedules 40

Calendar/Schedule Policy 41

Split Shift Policy 41

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy 42

Attendance Policy 43

Time Off 46

Excessive Lateness and Tardiness Policy 46

Break Policy 48

PTO Accrual Policy 48

Personal Cell Phone Reimbursement Policy 48

Mileage Reimbursement Policy 49

Accidents at Work 50

Safety Policy for In Home Health 50

Weapon-Free Workplace Policy 51

Incident Report Policy 52

Property Policy 52

Return of Company Property Policy 53

Email Account Policy 54

Social Media, Internet Usage/Activity and Online Profiles Policy 54

Employee Rights 57

Equal Opportunity Employer 58

Discrimination & Harassment 58

Mandated Reporting 59

Family and Medical Leave Act Policy FMLA 60

Wages and the Fair Labor Standards Act Policy FLSA 61

Non-Competition/ Non-Solicitation 62

Hepatitis B Vaccination Waiver 64

Supervision Contract for Insurance 66

Interview Non-Disclosure Agreement 71

Interviewee Questions 73

Employee Performance Evaluation 78

Employee Verbal Warning 79

Employee Written Warning 82

Exit Interview Questionnaire 85

Exit Interview Checklist 92

Cost: $400.00

Client Handbook

Quality Manual System Clients Icon
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The Client Handbook is 138 pages, over 14,000 words and comes with everything needed for new clients such as: a complete intake packet, financial agreement, participation expectations, client policies - especially for in-home visits, supplemental information for clinic programs, and so much more! The new compliance checks mean you will always be confident your policies will meet state requirements.

Table of Contents

Intake Packet Checklist 8

Welcome Page 11

Financial Responsibility Agreement 13

Non-Violent Physical Crisis Intervention 22

Permission for Assessment 26

Mandated Reporter Disclosure Form 28

Notice of Privacy Practices 31

Authorization and Consent to Participate in Tele-Health Consultation 35

Medical Questionnaire 38

Parent Questionnaire 39

Client Information 43

Risk Assessment 47

Client Home Safety Checklist 56

Client Handbook 59

Welcome 60

What is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)? 60

Services in Applied Behavioral Analysis 61

Transitioning and Fading 65

Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BACB) Guidelines 66

Evidence-Based ABA Practices 67

Staff Descriptions 68

Agreement to Videotape - Audiotape - Photograph 70

Parent Participation 72

Parents’ Interaction with Staff & Dual Relationships 74

Wellness Policy Statement of Understanding 75

Pets and Animals 76

Aggressive Behavior 77

Smoking 77

Illegal Activity 78

Abuse and Molestation Prevention 78

Definitions 79

Employee Screening Procedures 80

Confidentiality 82

Supervision Procedures 82

Behavioral Guidelines for Religious Organization Paid Staff 83

Disqualification 84

Response to Sexual Abuse 85

Abuse and Molestation Prevention Policy Acknowledgement 88

Cultural Competence Policy 89

Temperature Control 92

Gifts 92

Excessive Lateness and Tardiness Policy 93

Communication 94

Cancellations and Missed Appointments 95

Cancellation and Missed Appointment Policy Acknowledgement 97

Inclement Weather Policies and Procedures 98

Service Agreement and Consent Form 101

Outing Procedure Form 102

Authorization to Release Professional Information 108

Client Satisfaction Survey 111

Client Complaint Form 117

Client Incident Report 119

Facility Health Policy 123

Supplemental Information 129

Parent Participation Verbal Warning 130

Parent Participation Written Warning 133

Clinic Supplemental Information 136

Welcome to Clinic Program 137

 Clinic Group System 139

Participation Guidelines 141

Parent Notification Policy 143

Privacy Waiver 145

Cost: $400.00

Supervisor Handbook

Supervisor Handbook Icon
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The Supervisor Handbook is over 56 pages and almost 9,000 words. The handbook goes above and beyond the Employee handbook and specifically breaks down the roles and responsibilities of BCBAs and BCaBAs, complete with a quiz. This will ensure that your supervisors understand all requirements in order to perform their job effectively.  The new compliance checks mean you will always be confident your policies will meet state requirements.    

Table of Contents

Supervisor Handbook 6

Supervisor Policies/Expectations 9

PHI Security Improvements 17

Intake and Assessment 18

Conducting Assessment 18

Assessment reports 19

Report Process 22

Behavior Plans 27

Functional Assessment 27

Initial Therapy/Case Start-Up 29

Setting criterion for Pairing 31

Progress Updates 33

Case Transitions 33

Discharge Planning 37

Case Supervision and Programming 37

Treatment Planning 41

Ongoing Case Supervision 44

Therapist Training 44

Staff Incentive Program 45

Supervisor Meetings 46

Case Reviews 47

Case Presentations 49

Professional Development 50

Supervisor Bonus Structure 51

BCBA Duties 54

Therapy Resources Building and Maintenance Policy 55

Open Request periods 56

Donation Requests 56

Client Specific Requests 58

Cost: $400.00

HIPAA Policies

HIPAA Policies
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The HIPAA Policies have over 258 pages, with over 32,000 words of compliance policies that every ABA company needs, such as: Notice of Privacy Practices, HIPAA security policies, breach risk assessment, business associate agreement, compliance training. Also included is an 85 page power point training and a HIPAA review quiz!    
We now include a state supplement so not only do we have federal guidelines but we have state regulations too!

Table of Contents

HIPAA Compliance Manual 8

Introduction 11

Minimum Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information 13

Uses and Disclosures of Protected Health Information 25

Accounting of Disclosures of Protected Health Information 33

Designated Record Set 38

Medical Privacy Policy 42

Notice of Privacy Practices 46

HIPAA Security Policy 57

HIPAA Security Management Policy - ePHI 64

Best Options for Securing Electronic Data or EPHI 68

Information Security Incident Response Policy 69

System Audit Review Template 83

Bring Your Own Device Policy 86

HIPAA Electronic Messaging Standards 97

Photographing, Video Recording, Audio Recording, And Other Imaging of Patients, Visitors, and Workforce Members 112

HIPAA Records Retention Policy 119

HIPAA Procedures for Destruction and Removal of PHI from Computer Hardware/Media 121

Complaint Policy 127

All officers, agents, and employees of {Company Name} must adhere to this policy. {Company Name} will not tolerate violations of this policy. 149

Violations of this policy are grounds for disciplinary action up to and including termination of employment and criminal or professional sanctions. 149

HIPAA Sanctions Policy 149

HIPAA Termination of Access Procedure 156

HIPAA Business Associate Agreement 158

Business Associate Compliance Check 170

De-Identification of Protected Health Information 174

HIPAA Authorization for Release of Protected Health Information 178

Checklist for Valid Authorization 186

Visitor Log 189

 Device Log 190

Continuity of Care Plan 191

Emergency Response Plan 209

Disaster Recovery Plan 214

Contingency Plan and Procedures for Backup, Recovery and Emergency Preparedness 220

Contingency Plan Assessment for Electronic Health Records and Health Information Exchange 225

Data Backup Plan 229

Emergency Mode Operation and Disaster Recovery Plan 232

HIPAA Incident Report and Response Form 234

HIPAA Compliance Training 241

HIPAA Compliance Quiz 242

HIPAA Risk Assessment Checklist 261

Cost: $800.00

RBT Checklist

RBT Checklist
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The RBT Checklist is everything you need to ensure your RBTs in training have completed all areas of competency and are ready to take the test.  The RBT Checklist comes with 32 treatment integrities to ensure all competency can be completed. Use the rankings to come up with a hourly/salary rate for your RBTs based on skill acquisition.  

Cost: $150.00

HIPAA Online Forms

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Now, you don't have to worry about creating electronic forms on a website that doesn’t meet HIPAA guidelines. Because, you can use ours! The forms are prebuilt and can be customized by us, just for you. All you need to do is put the link on your website. And you’re done! 

We sign a BAA (business associate agreement), and you can trust your client's PHI (protected health information) is safe and secure!  Each unique form you purchase can be submitted 100 times a day!  We will create any of the following options or if you have your own custom forms we can give you a quote on the cost.  

  • New client application
  • Client handbook with medical questionnaire
  • Client satisfaction survey
  • Client complaint          
  • Incident report
  • Consent          
  • Client risk assessment
  • Authorization torelease
  • Job application
  • Client History
  • Authorization for assessment
  • Financial agreement
  • Clinic pick-up authorization
  • Send us you custom forms and we will quote them for you!

Starting at: $20.00 per Month

Negotiate Rates Guidance

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Ready to start rate negotiations but don't know where to start?

Our team has done a lot of research and now you can have it!    

Rate negotiations can be difficult even with this guide it is important to know that if an insurance company will not move you have to be willing to walk away, possibly work out of network or not work with the founding source at all.

To ensure you can continue to give your staff rate increases and pay the bills you MUST make every attempt to continuously negotiate rates. This is not a one time thing you must negotiate rates as often as you can.

What is included?

8 page document with things to consider as you start the process of negotiating rates.

4 page rate negotiation template to send to your funding sources.

Cost: $74.99
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Our Consultants

Stephen Smith:

Stephen Smith is the owner of 3 Pie Squared LLC. A Consulting firm which specializes in HR and back end management for small practices, with a focus on HIPAA and medical practice compliance. Stephen is also the Director of Operations of Corner Piece, a leading ABA company. While managing two successful firms, Stephen has also been a major contributor in numerous start-up entities. In addition to being an entrepreneur and business owner, Stephen is also a process engineer. Career highlights while working in this field include the training of production and engineering staff, creation of countless policies and procedures for engineering equipment as well as new inspection systems, team lead on many million dollar installations and the development of process analysis software.

Ashley Bango:

Ashley Bango, MS, BCBA graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Fayetteville State University in December 2005. She obtained her M.S. in Psychology with a Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida State University-Panama City Campus in 2008. She had the privilege of being a student of Dr. Jon Bailey and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. During her time at FSU, she had many great opportunities to get experience at various practicum sites. She worked home-based services for children with Autism with early learners. She wanted to have diverse experience, so she also worked in adult services in a day support program, designing reinforcement strategies with a program for children and families increasing healthy habits (i.e., exercise, nutrition, etc.), and an alternative school in the public school system specifically targeting maladaptive behavior in students the school had been unable to successfully support.

After graduating, she worked adult services supporting clients in the work and home settings to increase independence, communication, and decrease target behaviors. She continued on to work in a private day school setting for children and young adults 5-20 years of age with various disabilities and supervising staff in pursuit of their certification for 2.5 years. The next 3 years, she then moved to a private agency where she continued staff supervision, client programming, and then Program Director overseeing the ABA services, funding, and clinical documentation. This experience provided her the knowledge to then open her own company, Positive Change ABA, LLC in 2014.



Starting at: $375.00

Audit Preparation

3 Pie Squared will walk you through any audit prep sheets from the auditing insurance company.  If they do not provide this information, we can use our own internal audit preparation checklists to ensure you are ready to take the next step.    

Cost: $800.00
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