Need a little extra help building your business? 

Our dedicated consultants have over 30 years of experience in areas such as HIPAA compliance, Human Resources, Accounting, Internal/External Auditing, and ABA Clinical experience.

We can help you in any of the following areas:

Basic Consulting:
HIPAA Consulting
Human Resources
Practice Start Up Consulting
Insurance Billing Training
Insurance Audits
Website Design
Logo Design
Brochures and Business Cards
Hiring Support

BCBA Consulting:
ABA Clinical Support
Report templates

Want to see what the handbooks look like, need start up support, or would like to set up a HIPAA evaluation? Book a free 60 minutes consult here!

Essential List

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**** This is a physical book, there is no download.*******




Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – Overview
Section 1 – Overview
Section 2 – Delegate! Delegate! Delegate!
Chapter 2 – LLC & Tax ID
Section 1 – LLC
Section 2 – Tax ID
Chapter 3 – CAQH
Section 1 – CAQH
Chapter 4 – NPI
Section 1 – NPI
Chapter 5 – D-U-N-S
Section 1 – D-U-N-S
Chapter 6 – The Right People for the Job
Section 1 – The Right People for the Job
Section 2 – Accountant (CPA)
Section 3 – Human Resources Consultant
Section 4 – HIPAA Consultant
Section 5 – Billing Consultant
Section 6 – Insurance Broker
Section 7 – Attorneys
Chapter 7 – HIPAA
Section 1 – HIPAA Overview
Section 2 – Electronic Forms
Chapter 8 – Branding & Marketing
Section 1 – Naming Your Practice
Section 2 – Trademark
Section 3 – Domain
Section 4 – Marketing Consultant
Section 5 – Consistent Visual Branding
Section 6 – Business Logo
Section 7 – Brochures and Business Cards
Section 8 – Office Signs
Section 9 – Company Website
Section 10 – Social Media
Section 11 – Local Events
Chapter 9 – Employees
Section 1 – Finding the Right People
Section 2 – Background Checks
Section 3 – Policies and Procedures
Chapter 10 – Getting In-Network
Section 1 – Getting In-Network
Chapter 11 – The Office
Section 1 – The Office
Section 2 – Office Supplies
Chapter 12 – Clinical Supplies
Section 1 – Clinical Supplies
Chapter 13 – Training
Section 1 – Training
Chapter 14 – Accounts & Services
Section 1 – Accounts & Services
Section 2 – Software
Chapter 15 – The Experts
Section 1 – The Experts
Master Resource List
Acronym Glossary

Cost: $74.99

Negotiate Rates Guidance

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Ready to start rate negotiations but don't know where to start?

Our team has done a lot of research and now you can have it!    

Rate negotiations can be difficult even with this guide it is important to know that if an insurance company will not move you have to be willing to walk away, possibly work out of network or not work with the founding source at all.

To ensure you can continue to give your staff rate increases and pay the bills you MUST make every attempt to continuously negotiate rates. This is not a one time thing you must negotiate rates as often as you can.

What is included?

8 page document with things to consider as you start the process of negotiating rates.

4 page rate negotiation template to send to your funding sources.

Cost: $74.99
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Our Consultants

Stephen Smith:

Stephen Smith is the owner of 3 Pie Squared LLC. A Consulting firm which specializes in HR and back end management for small practices, with a focus on HIPAA and medical practice compliance. Stephen is also the Director of Operations of Corner Piece, a leading ABA company. While managing two successful firms, Stephen has also been a major contributor in numerous start-up entities. In addition to being an entrepreneur and business owner, Stephen is also a process engineer. Career highlights while working in this field include the training of production and engineering staff, creation of countless policies and procedures for engineering equipment as well as new inspection systems, team lead on many million dollar installations and the development of process analysis software.

Ashley Bango:

Ashley Bango, MS, BCBA graduated with her Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Fayetteville State University in December 2005. She obtained her M.S. in Psychology with a Specialization in Applied Behavior Analysis from Florida State University-Panama City Campus in 2008. She had the privilege of being a student of Dr. Jon Bailey and graduated with a 4.0 GPA. During her time at FSU, she had many great opportunities to get experience at various practicum sites. She worked home-based services for children with Autism with early learners. She wanted to have diverse experience, so she also worked in adult services in a day support program, designing reinforcement strategies with a program for children and families increasing healthy habits (i.e., exercise, nutrition, etc.), and an alternative school in the public school system specifically targeting maladaptive behavior in students the school had been unable to successfully support.

After graduating, she worked adult services supporting clients in the work and home settings to increase independence, communication, and decrease target behaviors. She continued on to work in a private day school setting for children and young adults 5-20 years of age with various disabilities and supervising staff in pursuit of their certification for 2.5 years. The next 3 years, she then moved to a private agency where she continued staff supervision, client programming, and then Program Director overseeing the ABA services, funding, and clinical documentation. This experience provided her the knowledge to then open her own company, Positive Change ABA, LLC in 2014.



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